I learned many great things the summer I studied abroad in Florence Italy. One of the best is a method for finding a good gelateria taught to me by my Italian Language professor. I know what you are thinking, like sex and pizza there really isn’t any such thing as bad gelato. And you’re right, but when given a choice between the “really good” and the “divine” wouldn’t you choose the “divine.” Roughly translated from my bad Italian into English this is called the “Banana Principle.” When you enter a gelateria look for the container of banana. If the banana flavor is bright yellow or green or any color for that matter, then unless it’s a matter of life and death walk out the door. If the banana is a dull grey color, you’ve hit pay dirt. The reasoning behind this principle is that if a gelateria is using only natural ingredients then the banana flavor will be grey because that is the natural color of mashed up banana. If it looks like Carmen Miranda’s hat, then at the very least they are using artificial coloring, so who knows what other chemicals are in there. If for some reason they don’t have banana any dull colored fruit will do the trick. Berry flavors and some other brightly colored fruits don’t always work because they naturally create bright colored gelato. So whether you are in Florence, Rome or at the gelateria in your neighborhood, glance over at the banana flavor and if it’s yellow order chocolate.