What you did not know about the Maldives

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An Island Paradise worth exploring

The Maldives. An archipelago of islands off the southernmost tip of India is for many an idyllic vision of tropical paradise. Small islands, lush with palm trees and fringed by powder white sand, it’s little wonder they’ve been attracting hordes of tourists. Yes, there are plenty of hammocks and cocktails, but there is so much more to these islands than meets the eye. Here are 5 things about the Maldives you might not have heard about in the travel brochures, but this is just scratching the surface. If you’re wondering what else you can do on holiday in the Maldives.

Midnight Fishing

Maldives is a group of nearly 2,000 coral islands in the Indian Ocean that are managed as 26 atolls. That makes for outstanding fishing for tourists on holiday. Former Maldives President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom is a huge booster of fishing which he calls an integral part of Maldives life. Fishing is the island's No. 2 industry. Tourists can fish right on the beach and land game fish weighing 35kg or more. Popular species for tourist fishing include barracuda and tuna. Night fishing from the beach is popular, and most resorts organize these events for tourists. Popular fish include jacks, squirrel fish, snappers, barracuda and emperors. This is a great opportunity to kick back, enjoy a beverage and land a fish for a midnight meal.

Murderous Giant Clams

The Meemu Atoll offers tourists a dive site to photograph giant clams. Under the water are caverns and caves where the Venus clams literally hang out. Amongst these clams swim the scorpion fish, black lion, rock cods and anemones. These clams are the largest shellfish in the world. They can weigh more than 200kg and measure more than 47-inches in breadth. They can live to more than 100-years-old. These clams get their reputation as man-killers from old sailor tales. These stories told of divers getting too close. Then the clam would close its shell on an arm or leg, drowning the person.

Wheelbarrows and Geckoes

Biyadoo Island is truly an island paradise where there are no cars, buses or even bicycles. Tourists land on a beach via a seaplane, and porters take your luggage in a wheelbarrow to your room. The rooms are basic with walls and a floor. The air conditioning doesn't always work, but geckoes running up the walls provide hours of amusement. The one amenity is a badminton court. This is a place where tourists on holiday can kick back and enjoy a pristine and quiet tropical island. Snorkeling is the main activity to see tropical fish. For a tourist who wants to see no clocks or laptops and enjoy island food and tropical quietude, Biyadoo Island is the place to visit.

Island Weddings

The Adaaran Resorts offer a unique island wedding package. A professional wedding planner handles all the details. The wedding will be performed as local island custom suggests. It will include local islanders holding umbrellas to shade the couple. A two-tiered wedding cake will follow a traditional champagne toast. Cocktails are served prior to the wedding. The wedding room will be decorated according to traditional island custom. Sparkling wine and fresh fruit will welcome the couple to the room. A picnic excursion is an option after the wedding. For breakfast, the couple can enjoy a champagne meal. Finally, a five-course meal with lobster is available on the beach. Bear in mind that the Muslim religion has a strong influence here.

Traditional Music on the Maldives

The Maldives people have a number of traditional musical performances performed by islanders. The musical influence comes from both Indian and Muslim cultures. Thaara music is performed by 22 men seated opposite of each other. Langiri is a modified form of Thaara that's performed by young people. Bandiyaa jehun is done by women wearing metal rings while beating on metal pots. Dhivehi music represents the modern style of the Maldives. Several Dhivehi albums have been recorded which became popular with the citizens of Maldives.