The family is coming, the family is coming. Quick, hit the lights and hide under the bed. Better yet, leave the key under the mat, and check into a hotel this Christmas.

Whether you are trying to avoid out-of-town company or you’re the one descending on family this holiday season, a hotel offers a blissful oasis during the most chaotic time of the year.

While Christmas has traditionally been quiet for the hotel industry, according to Holly Peterson with CHIP Hospitality, that is changing as more families are open to starting new traditions that maximize quality family time, while reducing stress. The fact that this can be done on a budget is a bonus.

CHIP Hospitality manages 32 hotels across Canada and from December 21 to 28, all CHIP Hospitality hotels are knocking up to 50 per cent off their average rates and, as an added bonus, donating $10 from each booking to charity for their annual Friends In Need program. Rates range from $49 to $89 a night.

As if smoother family relations, discounted rates, and a chance to give back aren’t enough, here are a few more reasons to check into a hotel this Christmastime:

Family "“ The smoker, the snorer, and the obnoxious loud talker. Ah, family. You may love them, but that doesn’t mean you want to sleep with them.

A good night’s sleep "“ Rice cracker-thin sofa bed mattresses and futons covered in dog hair will not get sugarplums dancing in your head, but they may give you back problems that will last well into the new year.

You need your space "“ Bathroom lineups are for frat houses and summer camp, not for adults and not for Christmas morning.

You don’t need the mess "“ Lots of holiday noshing means dishes, dishes everywhere. Whether you’re staying or they are, chances are you’ll spend half the yuletide loading the dishwasher and the other half unloading it.

Relaxation "“ Hot tubs and fluffy white robes. Two words: Merry Christmas.

Low rates "“ With discounts of up to 50 per cent, and hotels across Canada donating a portion of each stay to charity, can you afford not to check in?

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