The Pitch

"Compact, extremely practical, super-absorbent and fast-drying. The Wazzala Microfiber Towels use the latest microfiber technology and are perfect for active people who enjoy sports, traveling, swimming and the outdoors." "“ Wazzala

My First Impression

The Wazzala microfiber towel arrived at my doorstep in a small box from Amazon. A durably constructed, large (nearly 5 feet) but light towel (just 8 oz.), it fits easily into my carry-on backpack.

My Traveler’s Impression

Like me, I'm sure that on several occasions your luggage goes one way while your plane's destination is another. For situations like this something similar to the backpackers 10 essentials should be in everyone’s carry-on luggage "“ I like to call it the "Traveler's 10 Essentials" "“ a kit of survival items necessary for air travelers. And one of these is a towel.

It also has non-emergency applications – for an extreme test, to paraphrase horseman's lingo, I used it hard and put it away wet. After a swim I immediately stuffed it into the provided carry pouch with no hang time. I did this for several days in tropical humidity and although it never dried completely, the substance inhibiting the growth of bacteria meant it never smelled. Ever.


The Wazzala Microfiber Towel is available on-line from Amazon, and until March 31st here’s a discount code to use at checkout to get 10% off any color and any size: ITKTSALE

My Final Impression

I have concerns about microfiber towels in general since the warnings issued about including nano-silver as the anti-bacterial agent. In this case though the manufacturer assured me that the towel’s are treated with substances that contain no silver.

So with that concern addressed, if you're looking for a compact and light towel that dries quickly "“ this is it.

Written by: Steve Smith

Header photo : Wazzala (remixed by Steve Smith)