Devin Galaudet on the Polar Ice CapWhile planning for my upcoming Greenland trip, there were lots of little extras I would normally not have to buy — warm clothes mostly. I had decided to get some good long johns, a wool cap, some waterproof gloves, goggles, and that should do it. The jacket I had was more of a wind-breaker with flannel lining, but figured, “I am tough and can handle the sub-zero temperatures.”

When I really thought about it some more, what I realized was that it wasn't my toughness that wanted to wear a paper-thin jacket to combat arctic degrees, I just didn't want to spend more money on this trip. I had not hit a financial ceiling. Not one of necessity, I could afford a parka. I hit a moral ceiling. I just did not want to spend the money. Hadn't I purchased enough already?

Then, I thought about how I might enjoy my trip if I was cold all the time. It would be terrible! All that shivering for no reason other than being a cheapskate. It would not be the first time I skimped on a trip without good reason and pay for it later. I decided I would not be miserable in Greenland.

So, I broke down and bought an “extreme weather parka.” I now can go anywhere in any climate in the world without fear of being cold and miserable. The pain I felt with a swipe of a credit card that lasted less than a minute has been replaced by the confidence of knowing warmth. And that's, to coin a phrase, ‘priceless.’

Written by Devin Galaudet

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