Traveling on business and want to fit in a round of golf in-between meetings and events? Pull out your laptop and go to The world's first social networking site for golfers is the fastest and easiest way to find a list of all the local courses where you're headed, complete with driving directions, maps, weather updates, and reviews by other golfers. Once you've picked a course, the site helps you send an invite to friends in the area to join you for a round.

Don't know anyone in the area? Not a problem. Maybe this is the opportunity to invite your boss for a round or to schedule a mini-tournament with colleagues from another branch of your company. If you're traveling alone, take advantage of the social networking capabilities of the site. Find people in town who might be up for a game. Maybe you'll even come across someone willing to invite you for a round at his super-exclusive club. is a website dedicated to golfers and the sport they love. The community, which already maintains 16,000 registered members, allows golfers from all over the world to connect- all while letting them virtually enjoy the sport via the Internet.