Green and Sustainable Sweden

Coming to Sweden? Want green travel, green accommodation, green attractions, eco-labeled adventures, green city tours and big, big nature activities? Eco-tourism? A big loud YES to all of them. Sweden has the lot.

Swedes have an affinity with nature, probably because most have access to a countryside cottage and spend as much time there as they can foraging for mushrooms and berries, taking a dip in a lake, relaxing with family and friends and enjoying an unspoiled environment. Being sustainable in other words. This might be the reason that they are such avid recyclers and that sorting household waste in Sweden gives you bragging rights.

It may also be because Sweden has the Right of Public Access which gives everyone the right to roam pretty much anywhere in the countryside as long as they do not harm the environment. It's a wonderful right that you can also enjoy when you come to Green Sweden.

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