Hong Kong, 12 June, 2007 "“ Those that enjoy a cup of fresh tea are being treated to the finest of this year's spring green tea harvest from China at the newly opened GREEN T. HOUSE Hong Kong as well as the famed GREEN T. HOUSE Living in Beijing.

The fresh green teas are cherished because they are harvested over Qingming, the beginning of spring, when leaves and buds are most delicate and aromatic.

It is well known that in China the connection between tea and philosophy has always been particularly close. Even today, Chinese believe that drinking tea cultivates such positive virtues as mental balance, calmness, harmony, purity, clarity, simplicity, and moderation. GREEN T. HOUSE draws on that philosophy and tradition of the teahouse as a social gathering place at the centre of Chinese culture and culinary heritage, and mixes them with the energizing elements of New China art and music.

Seven young green teas have been personally selected by JinR, GREEN T. HOUSE owner and creator, for her Beijing and Hong Kong venues.
The teas are now on sale at all GREEN T. HOUSE venues.

The specially selected green teas include:

Unique on the menu is Suzhou Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun"”Curved Emerald Spring, from the slopes of Suzhou East and West Mountains. It is the only tea that doesn't have tea leaves, just delicate buds. This particular tea has grown for thousands of years in China with legends telling of its origin. The tea is known for its beautiful shape and colour with buds twisted in tight spirals revealing white and silver green colours. The tea itself exudes a flowery and fruity aroma with a strong and fresh taste.

Hang Zhou Xi Hu Long Jin-Dragon Wall, from Hangzhou West Lake, is one of China's top 10 teas. Best brewed with water from Longjing (The Dragon Spring), it has a fragrant smell and pure taste, delivering a subtle, refreshing and purifying fragrance said to be 'the flavour of harmony'.

Huang Shan Mao Feng- Fur Peak from Anhui's Yellow Mountains has been well-known since the mid-Ming Dynasty. Growers climb mountains above 1,200 meters to pick the fresh buds. Tea picking seasons coincides with the blooming of aromatic flowers that supplement its fragrance and taste of wild peaches and magnolia.

Bi Lu Jian- Sword Green Jade is the most representative green tea of northern Fujian. The most tender tea buds of the area produce a deep emerald green tea with a golden hue, tasting strong and bitter with subtle honey and mild nutty tones.

Nanjing Yuhua- Rain Flower is grown in Nanjing garden where the famous and colorful Nanjing rain flower stone is found. The picking is very particular, as semi-blossoms of two or three leaves and one bud are selected. The taste is strong, rich and elegant.

Tai Ping Hou Kui- Pacific Monkey King (Tranquil Spirit) from Tai Ping Lake in the Yellow Mountains of Anhui province is another of China's most famous green teas. There are strict rules for picking, with only leaves from high, foggy mountains selected and only from the strongest trees. This tea is so delicate and subtle that it should be infused with water no hotter than 75℃ to preserve a deliciously green and chestnut flavour addictive to tea connoisseurs. The tea is easy to recognize with its unusually flat leaves. The first brew is highly fragrant, the second is strong and mellow, and the third, the forth and fifth deliver the purest essence of the tea with a sweet orchid fragrance.

The Spring Tea menu also includes Xiao Ye Chun Lu- Youngest Leaf Spring Green, a top quality 'minggian' (picked before qingming) green tea from the misty mountains between Fujian and Zhejiang in southern China. Leaves are picked especially early, in the middle of March, when they are the youngest and the most tender. The tea is dark green and bright, with a delicate, sweet, and long lasting taste.

GREEN T. HOUSE is internationally renowned as a unique blend of teahouse, restaurant, art and cultural venue. 'An authentic Chinese experience in a way that you've never imagined,' explains the founder, JinR. 'It is one if the few places in Hong Kong that really gives people a sense of getting away from it all, with a serene environment and natural harbour view while still being only 15 minutes from Central,' she said.

GREEN T. HOUSE is the vision of internationally renowned musician, artist, tea master and trend-setter JinR. With inspirational design and art alongside artistic cuisine and tea creations, each visitor is sure to be touched by the GREEN T. HOUSE experience. GREEN T. HOUSE has three locations "“ the original GREEN T. HOUSE in Beijing, GREEN T. HOUSE Living, also in Beijing, and GREEN T. HOUSE Hong Kong which opened January 2007.

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