Cathedral of Arequipa, the White City

Cañón del Colca
Located at the slopes of the western mountain range of the Andes and at the foot of the Misti volcano, Arequipa (2.350 meters above sea level), is a beautiful city with big houses, temples and monasteries constructed in sillar, a white volcanic petrified lava material that, when illuminated by the Sun, produces a beautiful brightness that gave Arequipa the name of "The White City”.

These constructions build in the Historical Center of Arequipa are as well surrounded by towns inhabited by farmers who still use the platforms (andenes) of the preinca`s time for their agricultural duties.

It is important to point out that in the region of Arequipa , there are two of the deepest canyons of the world: Cotahuasi and Colca.

Arequipa celebrates its anniversary of foundation the 15 th of August. Please visit our website and take a look at the tours that we have designed especially for you within this wonderful destination.