This winter at the Biodôme Caillou and the Innu!

Young children can look forward to an amazing adventure at the Montréal Biodôme this winter! From December 8, 2007 to January 27, 2008, visitors ages 3 and up will be invited to join their
friend Caillou, the popular character created by Éditions Chouette, and embark on an expedition to discover nature as the Innu know it.

What could be more fun for children (and their parents) than to explore the Biodôme “through Innu eyes”?

For instance, did you know that …

– In the Innu tradition, a tasty kind of bread called bannock is baked in the sand under a fire’s hot ashes?
– Innu mothers swaddle their babies until they are one year old, just as their ancestors did?
– The traditional hats worn by Innu women are inspired by the red uniforms of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?

Hey, kids! Join your friend Caillou and enjoy:

– A storytelling session, about Tshakapesh and his friend Caillou;
– A trip along the path through the Biodôme’s ecosystems, where you can read about Caillou’s trip to Mingan in the pages of a giant book, with interactive activities. You can listen to and touch the book;
– An unusual play area with a replica of an Innu camp, including an Innu tent, costumes, games and other objects;
– A chance to meet Caillou and even take his picture!

Here are the details on the fun program of activities prepared by the Biodôme and its partner for the past seven years, Éditions Chouette, with the support of Heritage Canada, the Innu community of Ekuanitshit (Mingan), and the Institut Culturel et Éducatif Montagnais (ICEM).

Recommended ages: 3 and up

Just as he does every night, Tshakapesh, a little Innu boy, has his mother tell him stories and legends about his people. But tonight he can’t sleep. What is this important thing that the Shaman has to tell him? Why does he have to find three secret objects? Fortunately, he isn’t alone! He has Caillou and all his friends at the Biodôme to help him. Let’s go! We’re off on an adventure through the forest and the Innu world, with Tshakapesh and Caillou.


As they read the pages of a giant book set out along the path through the Biodôme’s ecosystems, children will be invited to relive the wonderful trip that Caillou and his father made to visit Mingan and the Innu. Interactive activities integrated into the book itself have been designed to help youngsters discover nature’s secrets. The story is told in English and French, and includes some fun games!

With their passports and stickers in hand, they’ll be able to follow the story and complete the activities at each station.


After their expedition is over, our young visitors will be able to burn off any excess energy in a play area featuring a replica of an Innu camp. There’s all kinds of things for them to do! They can dress up in Innu costumes, go fishing and play in a tent with a variety of Innu objects
(canoes, snowshoes, dolls, etc.).

And the fun doesn’t stop when they leave the Biodôme …To foster children’s interest in reading, the Biodôme and Éditions Chouette have teamed up to produce a book, Caillou and the Innu. The book, in English and French, is available only at the Biodôme gift shop.


Biodôme hours:

Tuesday to Sunday, and January 1, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
CLOSED December 24 and December 25.

Schedule for storytelling session:

From December 8 to January 27, Saturdays, Sundays and during the holidays
(December 22 to January 6), in French at 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. and 12:30,
2:30 and 3:30 p.m., and in English at 1:30 p.m.
From December 10 to January 25, weekdays, in French at 10:00 and 11:00
a.m., noon and 1:00 p.m., in English on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m.
Length: 20 minutes (storytelling session)

General information:

Montréal Biodôme: 4777 Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue (Viau metro station).

Admission (regular/Accès Montréal card) *
Adults: $13.50/$8 o Seniors (65+) & Students: $10/$6 o Ages 5-17: $6.75 /$4
o Ages 2-4: $2/$1.25 o Ages 1 and under: free
* Rates are subject to change on January 1, 2008

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