(BOSTON, Mass. "“ May 30, 2007) – Global Vision International is a recognized leader in volunteer travel and promotes sustainable development by supplying international volunteers, equipment, funding and training to governmental groups, charities, NGOs and communities in more than 30 countries to assist in conservation and development projects. Below are three examples of the more than 150 distinct volunteer travel packages offered through GVI. For a complete list of packages and more information, visit www.gviusa.com or call (888) 653-6028.

Conservation Project with Pink River Dolphins in Brazil
Duration Range: 2 – 4 weeks
Price Range: $2300 – $3100
Description: This project takes you into the heart of a unique area of Brazil‘s Amazon rainforest, where you will help to revolutionize knowledge of the enigmatic pink river dolphin, at the invitation of the Mamiraua Institute for Sustainable Development. There are 300 recognizable dolphins in the local population. You will spend your days on the water in small boats observing the dolphin's behavior. The project records new births, uses genetic research to find out who the father is, and follows the development of each calf until it is weaned, through adolescence until it becomes a young adult.

Includes: Pre-departure support and discounted services, welcome and orientation session, airport pickup, all of your food, full accommodation, all in country 24 hour support, and all training materials.

Volunteer on an Elephant Conservation Program in Namibia
Duration Range: 2 weeks "“ 3 months
Price Range: $1600 – $5500
Description: The project is located in Damaraland, one of the most scenic wilderness areas in Namibia. Running parallel to the Skeleton Coast national park, Damaraland is home to a small population of desert-adapted elephants. This project is not about being an observer of conservation from the comfort of a game drive vehicle. Volunteers will spend days out in the desert on patrol, camping wild and living close to the earth, elephants and people. The majority of the work is with the local subsistence farmers, building protective walls around their water points, and teaching them the skills needed in managing the conflict with the resident elephant populations. You will also be assisting the project staff to monitor elephant movements. All work takes place in the vicinity of the GVI rustic base camp in the Ugab River, at the foot of the majestic Brandberg.

Includes: Pre-departure support and discounted services, welcome and orientation session, in country transport, all of your food, full accommodation, and all in country 24 hour support.

Volunteer on a Community Construction Project in Guatemala
Duration Range: 1 "“ 8 weeks
Price Range: $1160 – $3490
Description: Guatemala is one of the jewels of Central America, packed with ancient ruins, active volcanoes and intriguing Mayan culture. With this project, volunteers will live in the beautiful old Spanish colonial town of Antigua and have the unique opportunity to work short-term with indigenous communities and improve the standard of living in rural Guatemala. Volunteers will assist in building energy efficient stoves for cleaner air and less wood consumption, promoting agriculture to provide harvests for one family for one year, and livestock rearing.

Includes: 20 hours of one-on-one Spanish classes, a half-day adventure such as biking, rock-climbing or hiking. Also included is the funding needed for the project tools, all transport to and from the community, one hour of internet access per day, food and accommodations, pre-departure support and discounted services, all in country 24 hour support, airport pickup, hotel first night, airport drop-off, transport to and from project sites, one hour of internet access per day, and a BBQ.

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