Santa's Sleigh by Devin Galaudet on In The Know TravelerThe palm trees sway gently from my view from our living room. The cloudless blue sky is a pretty backdrop but doesn’t feel like Christmas, even though it is. I guess that’s what I get for living in Los Angeles. Presents are still piled under the tree as my kid has taken time out to play with her favorite gift she has gotten so far. Christmas tree ornaments sparkle. Patti LaBelle soulfully muses and hits high-notes in the background. My wife finishes the final touches on a side dish that will eventually sit on the table covered in other side dishes and a turkey, which will be surrounded by good friends and family, new and old.

While I am a festive mood, we, at In The Know Traveler, wanted to wish all our friends, family, avid travelers and the world community a happy and healthy holiday season. Please note, Santa’s sleigh, a photo taken in Greenland, is a much better image of Christmas than the palm trees described above.

Happy Holidays!
Editor ITKT

Written by Devin Galaudet

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