(New York, NY "“ September 13, 2011) – In Wales paranormal phenomena abound "“ not just at Hallowe'en (Calan Gaeaf), but year 'round.  Bizarre and eerie events are par for the course at countless locations around Wales.  Savor the supernatural: visit a haunted castle, holiday at a haunted inn or imbibe the psychic atmosphere as well as a pint or two at a haunted pub – if you dare!
In the capital of Cardiff, the legendary medieval buried treasure of fairytale-like Castell Coch is reportedly guarded by two men-turned-eagles in a subterranean tunnel; several attempts to extricate the booty were apparently foiled when the eagles took flight "“ even an exorcism and silver bullets proved useless against the ferocity of these stalwart sentinels.  Strange noises, mysterious figures, spooky tours and tales are part of the fun exploring the deepest, darkest, loneliest parts of the Cardiff Castle. There are special tours to the Summer Smoking Room at the top of the Clock Tower, reputed to be the most haunted room in the Castle. www.cardiffcastle.com.  As recently as the 1990's, Boots "“the Chemist's Shop – in Queen Street – was the scene of an alleged otherworldly encounter … an air conditioning engineer happened upon a wraithlike Victorian lady on a secluded staircase on the shop's top floor.  www.cardiff.gov.uk for more info.
Throughout the year, the one-hour Creepy Cardiff Ghost Walking Tour begins outside the National Museum of Wales, Cathays Park Cardiff. Wending your way through the beautiful white stone buildings, you’ll hear stories of hauntings, dragons and reincarnation.  History, mystery, myth and legend are woven into a tangled tale – you decide which is which.  And check out the Halloween Special … www.creepycardiff.com.
Nearby Caerphilly hosts several ghosts.  The Green Lady, Princess Alice, is said to jump from turret to turret at Caerphilly Castle in a never-ending quest for her lost lover, Tew Teg, from whom she was forever separated in the 14th century when her cuckolded husband banished her to France.  llancaiach Fawr Manor may be inhabited by no fewer than 8 former residents "“ soldiers, children and a maid – who freely roam the house and gardens.  Sightings include a cradle that rocks on its own.  Access www.caerphilly.gov.uk.
At the 875 year-old Skirrid Mountain Inn near Abergavenny, shadowy helmeted figures have been spotted skulking across the windows and a lady customer, who was taken ill, was found to have rope burns to her neck: The pub's stairwell was used as a makeshift gallows during the Monmouth Rebellion in 1685, where a mass execution of 182 traitorous soldiers took place. www.skirridmountaininn.co.uk
The ruins of ancient Conwy Castle, glower over Conwy.  Accommodations at the nearby Castle Hotel are "“ well "“ super…natural – a great place to start off on a ghostly candlelit tour.  The hotel sits on the site of a Cistercian Abbey and has its own resident specter. www.conwy.com. 
Are the bones interred within the walls of Bodelwyddan Castle (near St Asaph) the cause of the paranormal activity there? Guests at one of the most haunted buildings in Wales have reported many ghostly happenings: Aside from the usual: unexplained voices, sounds and light, and shadowy figures drifting down corridors and through walls "“ including a mysterious lady in a flowing dress in the Sculpture Gallery, visitors have had their hair pulled. The fearless can reserve a room at www.bodelwyddan-castle.co.uk/paranormal.html.
The brave of heart are welcome at the George Borrow Hotel in Ponterwyd, Ceredigion.  Built in the 18th century, the hotel was renamed after intrepid traveler George Borrow who featured it in his 1854 book "Wild Wales." Former 20th century landlady, Miss Withers, regularly rearranges the furniture and china and uses the keys…going so far as to lock the current landlord's dog in a room!  Book at www.thegeorgeborrowhotel.co.uk
Log on to www.visitwales.com/ghosts to check out the other ghostly delights Wales has to offer.