GRENADA, West Indies "“ February 5, 2008 "“ February is American Heart Month and LaSource, a Caribbean resort long recognized for its focus on wellness, is re-opening Feb. 1, just in time for travelers to plan a heart-healthy escape from the winter doldrums. According to the American Heart Association, healthy adults ages 18-65 should get at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity five days of the week and guests at LaSource will find this an easy goal to achieve during their stay.

Through its unique all-inclusive program, LaSource provides unlimited recreational activities that are sure to keep the heart pumping. In fact, a 155-pound adult can burn the following calories by participating in activities offered at LaSource for just 60 minutes:

* SCUBA Diving, 493 calories

* Tennis, 493 calories

* Fencing, 422 calories

* Golf, 386 calories

* Kayaking, 352 calories

* Tai Chi, 281 calories

* Hatha Yoga, 281 calories

* Bicycling, 281 calories


Certified SCUBA divers are eligible for one dive per day during their stay from LaSource's brand new Dive and WatersportsCenter which boasts two new boats equipped for diving and waterskiing. A complimentary resort dive course is available for first-timers. Guests also receive one treatment per day following the day of arrival at the resort's Oasis Spa, allowing them to achieve both mind and body wellness.

"Now more than ever, people understand the important role physical activity plays in leading a happy and healthy life – whether they are at home or away," said Director of Sales and Marketing Kristin Appelmann. "Travelers today are looking for a vacation that goes above and beyond sand and sun and that is what LaSource is all about."

With just 100 guest rooms, LaSource offers a personalized first-class, all-inclusive holiday experience that imaginatively combines the best of an active beach vacation with a relaxed spa retreat, designed to provide complete body and mind rejuvenation. Note that the minimum age for guests at LaSource is 16 years, except from June 20 to September 8, 2008 when the minimum age is 10 years. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-527-0044.

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