In Baran Turkey

Home Cooking Turkey

For those who have every braved a road trip without packing a gourmet meal before hitting the highways are left with indelible memories of awful 49 cent mini mall hotdogs and cans of cola, only to have to repeat the process every few hundred miles or so. So I planned ahead on my latest trip with FLOtours. I loaded my backpack with an assortment of power bars for those times when I just could not handle a gas station meal. Next stop, ten cities in Turkey.

However, when I stopped about 99 kilometers outside of Ankara on the road to Cappadocia at Baran. It looked like a typical roadside tourist center gas station, with one exception the food was delicious. I enjoyed a variety of traditional Turkish specialties including masakka, lavash bread and a mouth-watering, stewed eggplant dish that has me drooling right now. Being pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.

As I continued around Turkey, hitting many of the countries major attractions, I eventually visited numerous pleasant surprises across the country. I left the power bars in my backpack to melt and congeal. For those considering seeing Turkey by car or bus, note that the roads throughout Turkey are in excellent condition and some of the homemade meals, even better.

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Home Cooking Turkey