New Tourism Projects as Part of Israel’s 60th Anniversary Celebrations

As part of Israel’s 60th anniversary celebrations, mass events will take place throughout Israel, including a nocturnal laser show, fireworks displays, musical performances open to the public, a parachuting demonstration and an air force aerial demonstration

Israel’s 60th anniversary celebration will reach their peak on Israel’s upcoming Day of Independence on May 8th. During the previous evening there will be a large-scale laser-beam performance, colorful illumination, special effects and music. This performance will take place in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Tiberius, Netanya, Ashdod, Beersheba and Eilat.

During Israel’s Day of Independence, an air force aerial demonstration will pass through the length of the country, and in several cities there will be a mass parachuting demonstration with the participation of paradiving clubs from different countries who will come to identify with Israel in its celebrations. Navy ships will sail opposite the country’s shores. In Haifa there will be a festive concert and parade by the official IDF Band and wind orchestras from different countries on the subject of “Military Bands Playing Peace”.

Following Israel’s Day of Independence, on May 9th, there will be three gigantic birthday parties at the Nitzanim Beach, at Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square and at the Achzib Beach in the Western Galilee. All the performances will feature nothing but Israeli music, and will be open to the public free of charge. The people celebrating will also be able to visit special exhibitions that are on display these days as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations, including six exhibitions that display Israel’s 60 years of artistic achievements. The exhibits are on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, at the Haifa Museum of Art, the Ein Harod Museum of Art, at the Hertzliya Museum and at the Ashdod Museum of Art.

Israel’s 60th anniversary celebrations will continue during the next few months. Within this framework, several new tourism infrastructures will be developed. The list of projects includes, among others, the opening of the path encircling the Sea of Galilee. The path, spanning over 60 kilometers, will open this August and will enable hiking and cycling near the waterline. Parts of the path will be accessible for the disabled.

Throughout Israel, 60 accessible picnic corners will be built, and towards the holiday of Sukkoth, a 60 kilometer long bike path from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, part of a national project with the participation of KKL (the Jewish National fund) will be inaugurated.

As part of these events, the “Phototour 60” photography contest continues, held by Israel’s tourism industry. As part of this contest, tourists from Israel and around the world are invited to upload photos and videos of Israel’s tourism in Israel’s 60 years of existence.