Jesse is right. He talked about code and technology and some other things. Well, at least I think he is right. Regardless of what he was talking about, we have completely, totally, monumentally changed everything on ITKT. Well, almost. The site will look and feel different. However, all the same stories, writers, news items, videos, blogs, as well as new ones are still here with a new fashionable twist.  You will also find as you look around some added features and new categories to temp your travel taste buds.

There is a down side though. Now that the new site is up, transferring and reconnecting  old stories and information is a time consuming process. In the end we decided to allow our fans to keep getting the best in travel news and inspiration than taking the site down for construction — even for a day. Most everything is up already, but we will be tweaking for a while. So enjoy and let know what you think. And as always, thank you for the continued and enthusiastic support.

ITKT Editor