Naturally Stay Healthy On & Off The Plane.

Whether you've got more frequent flyer miles than a rock star or you're dusting cobwebs off your suitcase, here are a few essentials for any traveler. Be sure to pack these small items within reach.

Emergen-C. These travel friendly vitamins dissolve in water and are designed to boost your immune system which can protect you from bacteria, familiar or exotic. Coughing passengers and taxi door handles are reason enough to stock up.

Activated Charcoal.
If you've eaten something beyond questionable or forgotten the cardinal rule and ate ice cream south of the border, take some charcoal. It naturally draws toxins out of your system so you won't be stuck in a hotel bathroom for days. This is a good alternative to products like Pepto, without the artificial colors or chalky taste.

Lavender Essential Oil. Stop using gel sanitizers that dry out your hands with harsh chemicals and alcohol. Scientists are now raising serious concerns that anti-bacterial gels and soaps may be contributing to bacterial mutations similar to the over use of antibiotics. Good hygiene can still be obtained with a drop of lavender every few hours on your hands whether on a plane, subway, or exploring an open market. In addition to being a natural anti-bacterial, it also relaxes the mind, alleviates headaches, menstrual cramps, bug bites, and pimples.

Calcium & Magnesium. Important minerals that act as a natural muscle relaxant and sleep aid. Best taken before going to sleep, it won't make you feel groggy the next morning like a sleeping pill. You can take it to feel less stiff on the plane, ensure a good night's rest before a business meeting, or recover after a strenuous mountain trek. This combination is also an excellent solution to neutralizing acids after eating spicy foods as well as preventing constipation. 1,000mg of calcium and 500mg of magnesium is a common dosage.

Water. Agua, l'eau, wasser; no matter how you say it, H20 is universal for good health. Our bodies are approximately 60% water, so to maintain your energy and a properly functioning system, stay well hydrated. That means you need to drink about 64 oz on a regular day and up to 1 oz per lb of body weight while on a moisture zapping plane. Yes, you may need to use the bathroom more, but you'll decrease muscular fatigue, inflammation (such as arthritis), and jetlag, all while moisturizing your skin from the inside out.

Ear Plugs (Mack's makes extra comfy ones). Noise pollution can release stress hormones and greatly affect your travel enjoyment. Tune out the crying baby two seats back or the Tahitian roosters trying to wake you up at 5am and get the rest you deserve.

Most of these products can be found at natural foods stores. Read product instructions and consult your physician or naturopath for further details.