Announcing Jade Cuisine St. Lucia's world Class “green resort”, Jade Mountain teams up with the renowned chef Allen Susser.

Jade Mountain, “…the most exciting new resort to open in the Caribbean,” now offers cuisine to match. Jade Cuisine is now under the direction ofChef Allen Susser of Chef Allen's Restaurant in Miami. Well known for his culinary innovations, he displays extraordinary originality by using the fresh caught fish and seasonal locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs from the hotel's historical plantation. The islands rich history and cultural influences, Indian spices, volcanic soil and abundant natural resources make it a chef's paradise.

Chef Allen Susser, considered one of America's leading chefs, is known for his Miami restaurant Chef Allen’s. As the chef and owner, Allen is praised for his Florida seafood dishes served with imaginative style, consistent emphasis on a high quality of service and his own very apparent personal commitment to the enjoyment of his guests.

The New York Times called Allen the “Ponce de Leon of New Florida Cooking”. His original style and uncanny talent for understanding flavors and exotic spices continues to make his restaurant one of the most popular culinary destination in Miami.

Now Chef Allen brings his talents to Jade Mountain in St. Lucia. Along with his culinary team, he utilizes the island's local sustainable resources such as local fresh finfish like yellowtail snapper, grouper, cobia and wahoo and seasonal shellfish including stone crabs, conch, Caribbean lobsters and wild shrimp. His working relationship with local organic farmers and tropical fruit growers give him and his staff the fresh and direct resources needed to develop creative plates. He makes great use of the local naturally diverse flavors, shapes and colors. The island and its water's are rich with ingredients inciting Chef Allen to produce a Jade Cuisine unmatched in the Caribbean.

Chef Allen's cross-cultural tropical cuisine, which started with new world cuisine more that 20 years ago in Miami, has been constantly evolving. He is glad to join Jade Mountain. His vision of what the future holds is a culinary fusion of cultures that share similar landscapes and tropical ingredients. The cuisines derived from the Caribbean, Latin America, the Pacific Rim and the tropical Mediterranean fuse into a sweet, spicy and aromatic harmony. They all fit together very well, though each offers a diverse spice box full of exotic flavors. Chef Allen's touch and talent, fresh and flavorful, like a tropical vacation on a plate "“ will be delicious at Jade Mountain.