2 hours at LAX
13 to Taipei
3 hours at Taipei Airport
4 hours to Bangkok
2 hours in Bangkok
1 hour to Phuket
1.5 hours to Sarojin Resort.

28.5 hours later I can hardly think, but have arrived safe and sound in Khoa Lak and hour and a half outside of Phuket. It sounds far worse than it is and the food on EVA is pretty good.

While I have little distance to what I have seen so far, I have met the currency exchange woman that has given me my bat (Thailand currency), a wee tot of a police man outside of Phuket’s airport (a rare opportunity to feel like Paul Bunyon — I still wouldn’t mess with him) and southeast Asia’s impressive humidity.

Later today, is a cooking class for Thai food, a quintessential Thailand experience, jungle trekking on elephants, and better reflections on Thailand.