Kaneo, North Macedonia

Kaneo, North Macedonia ©2019 Viktorija Mitevska

For those who have not yet heard of North Macedonia, it is a small country in the Balkans, part of the former Yugoslavia.

North Macedonia is a country with rich culture and tradition, built for centuries, a country of hospitable people, delicious food and wine, numerous monuments and wonderful natural beauties.



The place where I spend most of my time is Skopje, the capital city ( the place that is the first stopover for tourists).

Every time I walk through the center in Skopje, I admire the Baroque architecture and modern style on the main square, and the Old Bazaar from the other side of the bridge, which represents the kind of opposite architecture that gives ancient vibes.

I love the spirit of this urban city and enjoy drinking coffee in one of the many café bars or visit some cultural and sports events.


Vodno Mountain, North Macedonia

The city is surrounded by beautiful untouched nature. Оne of the most famous places for recreation for the weekend and the place where I enjoy with a view of Skopje, is Vodno Mountain, which is reached by cable car, bicycle and on foot. I prefer the cable car but sometimes I climb the mountain on foot. From the top I enjoy the best panorama of Skopje.


Canyon Matka

Another breathtaking spot where I also go for weekends is Canyon Matka.

I love this place because it is always peaceful and calming, a symbol of untouched nature, vibrant landscapes, greenery, and beautiful views. My favorite activity here is the boat tour and visit to the caves around the Canyon.



For me, despite all the beauties, the Macedonian pearl is the city of Ohrid, which lies on Lake Ohrid.

This lake is protected by UNESCO as a cultural heritage and is the biggest tourist attraction in the summer season, together with the surrounding monasteries. Whenever I go there I enjoy the amazing sights, beautiful views of Kaneo, St. Naum, as well as beautiful beaches with many bars on the beach. Beach bars are my favorite places for drinks in the warm days and evening parties.
The climate here is a mix of Mediterranean and continental, with dry and warm summers and cold and humid winters. Generally it's pleasant, but always depends on the period and season.

When You Go to North Macedonia

The prices in North Macedonia are quite reasonable, the food and service are excellent and the locals are always polite, helpful and communicative. Most people here know English and other languages.

To go from one place to another you can rent a car, use bus services or just take some trip organized by the local travel agencies that make tours. I am using the bus and car, and there is traffic jams mostly in Skopje in the working days. On the weekend, the traffic jam is more typical for the other cities in the country.

It is completely safe to travel and stay in North Macedonia and you will not have any problems in that regard.

Regarding your stay, accommodation can be booked on Booking, Airbnb and other sides, but also can be arrange it with the owner personally.

There are great places to eat and drink, both, expensive and more economical places. For my taste, the traditional products are the best because there is a variety of food and drinks. I recommend every tourist to try Macedonian wine and traditional Rakija (Macedonian brandy), enjoying traditional music and delicious Ohrid gjomleze or tasty cheese in one of the many restaurants.

In the winter, the best places for ski lovers are Mavrovo National Park and Krushevo.

Written by: Viktorija Mitevska

 Viktorija Mitevska pic Viktorija s a 26 year old from the Republic of North Macedonia. She works in a financial institution, but also as a freelancer, blogger and a columnist for the web site Fakulteti.mk. Her writing is not limited to a certain form, and she also writes poetry and prose. During her professional career she has written various professional papers, essays and articles. She has been published by Fakulteti.mk, Makedonika.mk, NUHA Foundation, The European Fund for the Balkans, Mladiinfo.mk and many others. In her free time she enjoys traveling and learning about new places.

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