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Not many people have been to Andalusia, and much of it makes no difference to her and Spain. She’s unique and special, with a special charm that is worth experiencing and retelling. I am happy to share some of my impressions of beautiful Andalusi­a.

Seville, Andalusi­a

You can’t feel the Andalusian temperament unless you visit the beautiful capital of Seville. And there is certainly a breathtaking thing about the famous Alcazar, whose gardens are so long that they seem to have no end. My favorite spot was Plaza de Espana, because I fell in love with the style and architecture of this place.
During the day, a boat cruise along the Guadalquivir River is the best way for sightseeing. At night, I visited a flamenco dance show as an ideal way to end the day.


Malaga, Andalusi­a

Another place that I recommend is Malaga, also known as the Capital of the Costa del Sol and the hometown of Pablo Picasso. Here, I visited Castillo de Gibralfaro where I enjoyed a wonderful view. Before that, I visited the Roman Theater and continued strolling through the beautiful promenade. I also rented an electric trolley, which is very useful for better and easier sightseeing of the city.



The place that most amazed me in Andalusi­a was the trendy Marbella resort, the old town, and the beautiful architecture and buildings of Orange Square. But the most beautiful were the flowers that adorned the square and almost all the streets and small alleys. This is one of the best places to enjoy sunrise and sunset on the beach, sipping coffee at one of the many beach bars.



Cadiz was incredibly fascinating and unique for me, somehow different from the other places I visited. The most interesting things to see in Cadiz for me was the Torre Tavira, the tallest of towers in Cadiz (and there are many of them), and the Camera Obscura with a view of the Old town onto a concave disc. Also, there you can find a great panoramic view from the rooftop terrace.


When you go

The climate is great, with Sevilla sometimes being a bit warmer, but ideal for enjoying the beach! However, it is always a good idea to check the weather before you travel anywhere so that you can properly prepare and organize.

To get from one place to another in Andalusia you can use a bus or car hire. I tried both options and perhaps the most cost-effective option is the bus. With car rentals it is likely that you will have parking problems given a large number of tourists and locals enjoying the beaches.

There are great places to eat and drink, at beach bars, a little further from the center and the center itself, as well as numerous normal and elite restaurants. It depends on who you prefer and whether you want to save more money, there must be something for everyone’s taste — from traditional food to international!

During my stay, I had no discomfort and felt completely safe without any problems.

I spent several days in each of these places and I can say that each of them is special in their own way. What is a MUST here is enjoying the flamenco dance and the taste of their local churros, of course with a glass of sangria?

Written by: Viktorija Mitevska

 Viktorija Mitevska pic Viktorija s a 26 year old from the Republic of North Macedonia. She works in a financial institution, but also as a freelancer, blogger and a columnist for the web site Her writing is not limited to a certain form, and she also writes poetry and prose. During her professional career she has written various professional papers, essays and articles. She has been published by,, NUHA Foundation, The European Fund for the Balkans, and many others. In her free time she enjoys traveling and learning about new places.

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