Photos by Tomasz RossaLights, Camera, Attraction!! This is the subject of Cirque de Soleil's, latest incarnation, Zumanity! This new Vegas show is not only unafraid to tempt your sexual appetite, but with its voracious scope and vision it attempts to satisfy it!

From the very beginning we are introduced to characters poised to warm up the audience with the breaking of sexual taboos. Actors Ron and his wife are dressed as classic 50's newlyweds with a twist. During their performance, they bring out bananas to teach the audience its okay to "eat" each other in public!

Following this display of couple carousing is the super suave "Antonio" character. Antonio leads us to believe pleasure is always in the action, and he is in action always! He has as much fun flirting with both the girls and the boys which helps shake up the setting and remind everyone, not only is sex okay, it's always great fodder for comedy.

Further taboos are dissolved when the two sisters, who under normal circumstances might not be thought of as the queens of sensuality, suddenly become the objects of affection of several members of the crowd. This is due in part to the way the clever ladies manage to engulf crowd members with both their buxom breast and behinds.

As a matter of fact, the first indicator that this show is truly the sensual side of Cirque de Soleil, is the beautiful vixen writhing on the makeshift boudoir located in the far corner if the theatre. Silently she moves in and out of your peripheral view like a sprite surviving solely on the sexual tension in the room. And that's all before the show even starts!

The deliverance of the first traces of narration occur when the lights fall we are treated to the vision of our most lovely emcee bringing us into her sensual world of unopened and unending possibilities.(Who knew a drag Queen could do so much to so many! All puns intended☺).

Photos by Tomasz RossaWhen the lead show begins we are treated to an aquatic wonderland far more amazing than anything ever imagined by Nemo or his counterparts. I will go so far as to say, only by one presided over Poseidon's own court could this liquid lasciviousness burned any hotter.

I know, I know, you want details! This is where I would go about blazing images of the 2 beautiful girls performing a balancing act filled with one-armed handstands while simultaneously doing the splits intertwined, into your consciousness.

Now you would ask me if they cavorted in a manner as intense as the standard set by the previous Cirque de Soleil shows? Right around that moment I would smile a sly grin and tell you it is truly so, with only one slight difference. All of the former acrobatics associated with Cirque shows were now occurring on the edge of a clear fishbowl with performs executing the regal sans costumes!!

Watching these young ladies do backflips from the narrow lip of the transparent bowl into each other laps underwater, is enough to make one truly put into perspective, the magnitude of imagination and the threshold obtained by these young artists. The bar is set once more with Zumanity, and we were still only in the first act.

After this feat, we were treated to an amazingly cute comedy act imparting the virtues of using baggies, scotch and duct tape to properly bestow a voluptuous bosom upon any woman. Well providing she was feeling she'd like a little extra" support" when going on a first date.

This comedic break is just the right breather to help you entertain the thought of letting your guard down for the wonderment level. This is of course only until the next act starts up, and kicks your libido and imagination past ten once more. Here the show invites you to open your previous fantasy perception. True the thought of the sexy school girl usually floats through your imagination, but what happens when she materializes in the divine body incarnate, floating not only through your mind but through the air as well! And with a body encompassing mass of silver hoola hoops to boot! This is not your run of the mill school girl fantasy; it's of course delivered with the power and manner only Cirque de Soleil can deliver!

Now keep in mind this explosion of sensuality is not only for the males! The show has several acts geared towards keeping the female members of your party howling at the moon, which is just what happens when the young Adonis hits the stage. In fact gentleman, you may find your own female howling over the young man's perfect moons! The show is designed to appeal to everyone and it wouldn't be Cirque de Soleil of it didn't do just that!

As with any Cirque de Soleil show, every aspect of the performance is perfect. Within the show, the perfect amount of titillation, comedy and compassion is ever present for your senses. Unlike a simple revue, this is a true celebration of sensuality in all its forms! So many in fact, I need to leave you with some surprises to explore your own eye opening experience.

After spending time in Zumanity during the performance, it was refreshing to see audience members leaving the hall hastily peering through the peepholes set up for their viewing. Thought they were present before the show, they went unnoticed, with the show's conclusion it is your last visage and tribute to peer back into their world.
After having our palettes tastefully whet, we all were more than aware of our last few moments with the fantasy of Zumanity, and we all wanted to savor our last precious seconds.

We smiled at those coming in knowing they were unprepared for the show. We winked at them with our sly grins, listening to the ticket vendor bellow," Next in line, please". I believe our heard a collective sigh of satisfaction emanate from our entire crowd, and we all looked on each other knowing full well what there performance had inspired…and the direction it would take us all on this night!

Zumanity has done it again☺

Written by Neftalie Williams
Photos by Tomasz Rossa

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