Having traveled recently overseas to Asia, it was interesting to note that both Hong Kong and Malaysia airports have a system in place that is not only faster, but seems to be more secure. At both airports, you check in, screen ALL your bags and then screen yourself and your carry-ons again right before boarding. I know this sounds like a congestion nightmare, but it works: they do not have slews of underpaid, overworked TSA personnel standing around slowing down progress. Two screenings is sufficient to determine if a passenger has contraband, weapons, etc. "” inefficient mandatory pat-downs and undresssing before a flight is not.

Interestingly, on the return from Hong Kong to the US they made a “special” announcement about all passengers complying with “our friends in the United States” by disrobing, literally opening every single pocket in all carry-ons, and just generally slowing down the entire boarding process. Do people feel safer? Maybe. Does it work? Hard to say.

As many of you probably know, it is not ony possible, but easy, to get liquids on a flight. Many do it by accident every day. Do they really think that the bad guys are following the rules?

Any thoughts? Experiences? We would love to hear them.

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