Logan Brown Restaurant www.loganbrown.co.nz is one our favourite restaurants to visit on our tours, and having being there countless times, I can personally recommend it for it's wonderful food, wine and atmosphere. Wellington is also the coffee capital of New Zealand with several small personalised coffee roasters, who freshly roast coffee beans daily and supply to local cafes and restaurants. Try these cafes for great coffee: Mojo Coffee Cartel, Emporio, Fuel, L'Affare and cafes offering Havana and Supreme coffee. Top cafes also known for their good food include Nikau and Floriditas.

Ask for Wellington's most popular coffee a Flat White – this is one third espresso, two thirds steamed milk, with touch of froth swirled round.

I completely agree. Logan Brown is one of the best meals I have had anywhere. Visitors should be sure to try the dessert sampler. -ITKT Editor-

Contributed by Catherine Cordwell www.zestfoodtours.co.nz

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