Miramonte Indian Wells Resort and Spa

Miramonte Indian Wells Resort

Getting in the car early

I headed to Indian Wells for the Miramonte Indian Wells Resort and Spa and got an early start. Anytime I leave Los Angeles for the Palm Springs area there are certain truths. With a short two-hour drive, I stop at the Cabazon Outlets, a huge brand name bastion of retail buying pleasure. I wander for an hour and buy nothing. There is a stop at Hadley's, a bastion of candied fruit and nuts, and I remember I am off of sugar and buy nothing. I consider stopping by the Morongo Casino and usually just slow down before getting back on the road.

This may seem like a wasted exercise considering that the road to Miramonte is so close to Los Angeles, but the time spent is worth it. For me, it is all part of the mini-vacation ritual that gets me out of Los Angeles and into vacation mode. There are no airports, security lines or Uber rides, just me, relaxing, driving East on Interstate 10 for a couple of hours enjoying the tourist vibe.

Arriving at the Miramonte Indian Wells Resort and Spa

By the time I pulled into the recently remodeled Miramonte Indian Wells Resort and Spa, I am ready for a boutique resort experience, which means pools, spa, sleeping in and eating entirely too much delicious food with a spectacular, panoramic desert backdrop to shadow Miramonte's just-completed facelift.
Miramonte just finished an eight million dollar renovation to its restaurant, reception area, bar, conference and event spaces, and spa. This complemented their room upgrades, which happened in December of 2015. The "Reimagined Miramonte" is decidedly hip in every way and showcases a modern Palm Springs with a wood, steel and cozy, home-like feel throughout the resort's overhauled common areas.

After my arrival, I wandered around the manicured grounds, the many on-site fruit trees, and the impressive herb garden. I later discovered this is all part of Miramonte's farm fresh-to-table concept, which comes from Executive Chef Paul Hancock.

Eating at Citrus and Palm

I tried almost everything on the menu at Citrus and Palm Restaurant during my stay at the Miramonte. The food was lighter than typical resort food while maintaining flavor and staying conscious of healthy eating. I had a chance to chat with the chef Paul, who tried to explain how specific ingredients offer specific benefits to resort guests. As the receiver of all this education, I realized that chef Paul was "casting pearls before swine" as so much of this food science went over my head. However, every meal tasted great and was satisfying.

The spa was also updated. I experienced the rain massage, which is a complex blend of seven essential oils dripped across the spine, followed by a firm but relaxing massage. The combination produced a remarkably rejuvenating, warming effect across the entire back. It is highly recommended.

A special deal at Miramonte Indian Wells Resort and Spa

Visitors should know about Miramonte's Reimagined offer which ushers in Miramonte's reopening and remodel available through February 2018 and includes a $100 resort credit based on a two-night stay, whether clients stop for candied nuts along the way or not. For more on this visit https://www.miramonteresort.com/reimagined/. Visitors should also consider the recently launched Extreme Miramonte package, which includes a choice of Big Wheel Tours jeep, mountain bike, or hiking excursion to the San Andreas Fault Line, https://www.miramonteresort.com/miramonteextreme/
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