For those who haven’t noticed, we are in the middle of a huge site-wide redesign. Our crack staff has been pouring over letter from friends all over the world with suggestions and changes. We have been listening.

One of the big questions, has been how do we make sure everyone has access to our videos. In the past (and present), we have required quicktime 7.0 or better be installed for viewing our videos. While this is still true in order to see the best video image possible. We realize that some folks are not up to speed with computer technology or just are too darn busy. We understand, but still want everyone to get inspired by some of the great places we have traveled.

So to fix our system, we have added a YouTube screen in the upper right-hand corner of our home page which should allow every one a chance to check out our videos. The YouTube automatically installs the latest video as the default video (right now we have a short video about vacationing “royally” in London. However, this set up allow for seeing up to 20 different ITKT videos at any time.

Notice the second button from the left, which activates a series of rollover screens to access more of our videos and a small arrow on the far right to access even more.

Of course, we continue to have all our regular videos that offer the best picture quality (without all that harsh video compression) located on our Podcast page.

We here at ITKT, hope this additional improvement allows for even more video option for your favorite places.