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I am Addicted to Coffee.

My coffee addiction has cost me both time and money, especially when traveling. And, while I did grow up on Folgers Crystals, my tastes have changed and developed, especially with the introduction of Starbucks during my teen years. Aside from being addicted, I have become a coffee snob, and if there's anything worse than an addicted coffee snob, it's an addicted coffee snob with a career in the travel industry. I am unable to find words for what happens to me when I venture to a new and exciting place, and I cannot function because coffee is either not available or not up to par with what I'm used to. Yes, this is the snob talking.

Then I tried Jiva Cubes. No more will I fumble with instant coffee crystals in a huge glass jar or sugar from a plastic bag on long trips. No more will attempt to order an overpriced cup of Joe in a language I cannot speak. Now I have instant coffee cubes in a variety of flavors that are already sweetened. The ultimate kicker? They taste delicious.

What are Jiva Coffee Cubes?

Jiva cubes are individually packaged cubes of pre-sweetened gourmet Columbian coffee, handpicked and free of preservatives. All you need to do is put 1 to 2 cubes in 8 ounces of hot water, wait 30 seconds, stir, and enjoy. Because it is picked at the perfect time, Jiva coffee is less acidic. It woke me up without giving me a bitter aftertaste or a shock to my system. Pure Brown Panela Sugar is used to lightly sweeten each cube; a healthier alternative to white sugar which tastes amazing (not too sweet), and even diabetics can enjoy it. And, with eight flavors to choose from like Mocha, Pecan, Amaretto, and Caramel, just to name a few, what's not to enjoy?

A pack of 24 cubes costs $15.00 which will still average out to less than your average coffee house cup. The price seems well worth it to me for the amount of quality and convenience I'm getting.

Good Coffee Karma

The best part about Jiva is that all of its coffee is fair trade. They work with the Columbian Coffee Federation (FNC) which has implemented productive, social, and environmental practices in Columbia since 1927. This is just another reason why I am in love with this brand. For more information on Jiva and the FNC, visit their website at

From now on, all I need is a thermos of hot water and I'm good to go anywhere. These cubes were the answer to my traveling prayers and the snob in me is pacified.

Happy Travels!

Audrey Ngo

For more information on Jiva Coffee Cubes, visit their website at