On May 24, 2006 Steve Carlson, District Officer for Edmonton Fish & Wildlife District contacted the BC Wildlife Park to ask if could provide a home for an orphan Grizzly Bear Cub. The dark brown cub weighing 4 kg had been brought in by a citizen who had seen the cub wondering alone in the Swan Hills Area located four hours by car north of Edmonton. The cub had likely been born in late February or early March.

The BC Wildlife Park responded 'yes' we could. Steve reported that the cub's health was not good as it was suffering from dehydration and diarrhoea. Edmonton Valley Zoo was contacted and they agreed to take in the cub and give it time to build back its strength. Edmonton Zookeeping staff provided subcutaneous fluids, goat's milk and rice cereal.

Meanwhile, West Jet was contacted and they agreed to provide free shipping of the cub to Kelowna. On Thursday, June 1, 2006 at 4:45 John Benedik, Park Animal Health Technician and BC Wildlife Park Director Pat Petley met the West Jet flight into Kelowna and drove the cub to the BC Wildlife Park.

The Grizzly cub will remain in quarantine at the BC Wildlife Park for the time being, while Zookeeping staff try to encourage the cub to take more solid foods. Currently, he has good energy and his prospects are bright. Park staff plan to ensure the cub has time to quiet down and settle, and to monitor his progress for the time being.

This Spring, The BC Wildlife Park launched a campaign to build a new Bear/Otter Habitat and Nature Exchange. The bear habitat will be constructed to the latest zoological design with no visible barriers and lots of contouring, landscaping and water features. Support a new Bear Habitat for our new Cub, and support the 'Discovery Our Nature' "“ 40th Anniversary Capital Campaign by going to BCzoo.org. Discover your passion for helping to build a bright future for the benefit of our children and BC wildlife.

The BC Wildlife Park is located alongside the Trans Canada Highway exit 390/391, 15 minutes drive east of Kamloops city centre. The Park currently has extended summer hours until 6:00 pm for June, July, August and September. Annual Passes are a great bargain as less than two visits more than pays for the cost.

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