As most readers know, I have just returned from Japan. It may be my favorite place on Earth. For me a big statement. The following is todays news about Japan’s favorite city. Also be sure to visit ITKT’s Japan pages. Enjoy –dg–

New York City, New York, March 26, 2010: There is always something happening in Japan's capital. In the commemorating year of Visit Japan campaign, Tokyo opens up more accessibility, hospitality and excitement for visitors.

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu
The Tokyu Hotels, a large Japanese hotel chain, is reopening its flagship property in the heart of Tokyo's government district on October 22, 2010. The hotel opens with 251 guest rooms including 13 suites in the 29 story the Tokyu Capitol Tower, which was designed by an internationally renowned architect Kengo Kuma. Guests will be greeted by the calm Hîe Shrine's garden while approaching the hotel entrance. The hotel takes full advantage of the central location for business districts and the city's transportation hubs. The hotel updates the traditional hospitality from former Capitol Hotel Tokyu, who proudly hosted the Beatles and other international celebrities for the best luxurious experience in Tokyo.

Cruise over Tokyo in Retro Style
After the 80th anniversary of the famous German blimp Zeppelin's appearance over Tokyo, there will be a modern version of Zeppelin Tokyo cruise starting on April 1, 2010. Zeppelin NT (new technology), operated by Nippon Airship Corp. (NAC), is the largest blimp in the world with the 246 foot long, 57.4 foot high. With the iconic Zeppelin shape, the air cruise is such an elegant experience over metropolitan Tokyo on the leather seats and a fish-eye panorama window on the back. The flight is from the Harumi Pier on the Tokyo Bay, cruising at 1,804 feet for 40 minutes over Tokyo, and 90 minutes over Tokyo and Yokohama.

Narita's New Rail Access
Japan's gateway Narita Airport gets closer to Tokyo than ever: On July 17th, Keisei Sky Liner train opens a new route that connects the airport to Nippori Station in central Tokyo only in 36 minutes, shortening from the current 51 minute trip. Streamlined sleek train cars with Kansai Yamamoto's chic design zip into Japan's capital at the maximum speed of 99mph.

Flights to Tokyo's Haneda Airport
Located just 30 minutes away from central Tokyo, Haneda has been serving for domestic flights, but is to open some gates for international flights starting in October 2010. The airport has decided on eight flights to/from the US per day, and major US and Japanese carriers are currently applying for new slots at Haneda. New service will facilitate connections to domestic flights, not to mention faster access to central Tokyo from major US cities.