Recently travel industry officials predicted that in 30 years time, long-distance air travel will be undertaken only by the very wealthy. They see ticket prices rising dramatically as one solution to curb the emission of greenhouse gases. Already the European Union has proposed incorporating airlines into its carbon-emissions trading plan. This scheme would allow them to buy "credits" from cleaner industries and pass the fare increases along to you.

What can you do to help with this problem and avoid "sticker shock"? An example – British tycoon Richard Branson will pay a $25 million prize for the first scientist to come up with a way to extract greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Granted, we don't all have that kind of change in our pockets, but several organizations give people like you and me the ability to purchase "carbon credits" to do the same thing for considerably less.

The link below will help you discover what your part in all this can be.
Environmental Defense Fight Global Warming Campaign

Steve Smith & Christine Johnson