It became a game. I would zoom out my camera lens and try to get a good close-up of these odd little churches that sat on the road. When I say “little church,” I mean little churches. They say upon posts and were no more than a few feet high and less than that wide and they were everywhere.

I didn’t get too many good shots and the experience was more of a live video game than I desire to take a quality photograph. Later, the Greek bus driver clued me in to what they were.. He said, “When someone dies in an accident, they put up this little monument to honor their loved ones.” As I got a closer look, I noticed that they had a few personal items, religious relics and a glass of water. The water is in case the dearly departed returns from the dead and is thirsty.

With so many winding roads up to Delphi, no wonder there were so many little churches. I was also glad to have a good bus driver.

Written by Devin Galaudet

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