Hi all,

In case you are wondering what is behind the curtain at ITKT, here is a quick overview of who we are, where we are today, and where we want to go.

ITKT was started almost 2 years ago, and in that time we have been working diligently to get more writers on board, adding content ourselves, covering press trips, personal trips, all sorts of travel. Currently, we have over 20 writers that submit stories to the site.

What is new?
We have started an HD video division with videographer Jason Fitzpatrick. They are part of Wayfarer and will be shooting, editing and producing content for ITKT and clients as the need arises. You will see both of them regularly on this site as well, with the goal to help us deliver better content to you.

Lastly, we are embarking on an aggressive plan to monetize this website. While that may not agree with everyone reading, the idea is sound: if we are able to put revenue back into this site, it will get better, we can spend more time focused on what we love to do, and ultimately everything gets better for all. We will continue to add great writing, podcasts, stories and blog posts.

How can I help?
In return, we ask that you help us stay viable by clicking on an ad link now and again, or maybe route a purchase through us. Advertising is the ONLY means of keeping the site alive, and everyone at ITKT works very hard to keep things running smoothly.

If you appreciate what we are doing, throw a few clicks our way.

Thanks, and keep on travelling. -editor