Potiki Adventures announce that due to demand, their Urban Maori Experience will now be available 7 days per week, year round.  This unique tour explores Auckland from a Maori perspective, providing an insight into the local secrets behind some of the beautiful landscapes and historical sites around the region.

A key point of difference with Potiki tours is that the owners Melissa Crockett and Bianca Ranson introduce contemporary Maori culture to their clients. As a relative new-comer to the scene, Potiki has rapidly built itself a strong reputation in the New Zealand tourism market.  Their unique day tours and exclusive itineraries are gaining an international reputation and strong demand from agents who have been waiting for precisely this kind of product. 

The owners have combined their love for the breathtaking environments in the greater Auckland region with their desire to showcase the beauty of Maori culture.  They believe in introducing visitors to the traditional knowledge and taonga (treasures) handed down from their ancestors, but framing it up through the eyes of contemporary Maori.  They pride themselves in allowing tourists to 'scratch the surface' and realise the special history of the beautiful landscapes in and around the city.

"Potiki neatly blends culture and history with 21st century reality as Maori culture adapts to change.…After learning the secrets of Auckland, especially of its magnificent harbours, a great way to celebrate is to sail. But when you have an inkling of the secrets behind the sails, it is even sweeter." writes Brad Crouch in the Adelaide Sunday Mail.
The Urban Maori Experience tour explores urban, bush and beach settings all over Auckland. The tour strays far away from the regular tourist trail. Locations include a historical Maori pa site (fortified village), a South Auckland Maori and Pacific Island community market (Saturdays), a funky urban village with contemporary Maori arts and crafts, the Waitakere Ranges rainforest and a wild west coast black sand beach. On the tour the guides tell their individual tribe's version of the Maori creation stories, share tales of Maui Potiki, the demi-God whom Potiki has taken their name from and teach about the traditional protocols associated to the places and things seen. They also introduce tour participants to the way that traditions are woven into the fabric of contemporary life.

Lonely Planet journalist Simone Eggers writes about the Urban Maori Experience: "…this tour could easily become your favourite Auckland day."

Potiki are providing an important opportunity for many travellers to New Zealand who may only have time to visit Auckland, but still would like to learn about Maori culture, and also for those who have a desire to learn about indigenous culture in a modern setting. 

Company director Melissa says: "So many people seem to come to New Zealand, experience some great traditional Maori culture and leave saying-'Wow, Maori culture used to be really amazing!' We want them to leave saying 'Wow, Maori culture is really amazing, and isn't it great how it has evolved and is incorporated into the lifestyles of New Zealanders today!"

The demand from agents and clients, ranging from backpackers through to couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, has lead the company to begin offering this tour 7 days per week.  It can also be enjoyed privately as a Potiki Exclusive Itinerary by those seeking a more specialised and intimate experience.

Melissa says: "Travellers can experience beautiful coastline, lush forests and stunning sunsets in a variety of locations around the world, but what makes New Zealand different is the perspective and beliefs of its indigenous peoples- the Tangata Whenua (People of the Land). To be able to introduce visitors to Maori history and philosophies about the places they visit gives them a truly unique experience, and one that is ultimately more fulfilling and memorable than them simply viewing a beautiful landscape. "

As well as the Urban Maori Experience, during the summer season Potiki Adventures have a Marine Reserve Adventure that explores a pristine 28 year old reserve located 1 hour north of Auckland. The Maori perspective tour includes kayaking, snorkelling at the reserve, exploring a beautiful east coast beach and the surrounding areas. It runs 7 days from November "“ March.

Exclusive Itineraries revolve around Maori themed tours including sightseeing, bush & beach visits, visiting Maori artists & galleries, NZ / Maori themed shopping tours, nature / ecology experiences and adventure options.

If you are seeking an authentic, intelligent experience which will introduce you to the world of both traditional and contemporary Maori culture while taking you to the most beautiful landscapes in the region- then ensure that you look up this outstanding little company.

Website: http://www.potikiadventures.com/ 

Potiki (Talanoa : Contemporary Pacific Literature)