Over the last four years, ITKT has expanded into two web sites (don’t forget we have a monster USA-only site), offering information about 135+ countries worldwide with photos, videos, original writings from 85+ different writers (for some their first published article and some saw many published articles in the world of travel), thousands of news stories, dozens of helpful hands and one tired editor — namely me. I am proud to have been a part of this labor of love that tirelessly promotes and inspires travel in all of its forms. ITKT became a locomotive going in its own direction. I will continue to allow it to run free, so to speak.

!_color-versionHowever, when I started ITKT I had a different vision that included a stronger global community of what the site would look like and how I would do it — actually I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it. So I have learned a lot. The vision I initially had never quite materialized and ITKT and ITKT USA took form for readers, but I never forgot what I wanted to create.

So now I am happy to launch Travel. Write. Live., which will try to explain and be what I had planned. I do not mind telling you that I am excited to be doing both projects. So what does this all mean? Not much. I love ITKT and will continue to provide great travel stories. But now, I will begin to incorporate Travel. Write. Live. offering my travel philosophy, thoughts on writing, travel writing, working with an editor, and how all this manifests into a better life. Yes, some big topics.

free_stuff125Travel. Write. Live. will also be fun. Expect a more editorially unvarnished approach, note my new tag line: The no B.S. blog about Travel and Writing for Life, and some free stuff. Actually a whole section of monthly giveaways. After a number of years making friends in the travel industry, I have found a bunch of great products with manufacturers willing to give away things to my readers in exchange for readers joining our popular and taking a look at some cool products.

I do hope you will take a look, and please let me know how I am doing.