PutrajayaLocated just outside Kuala Lumpur city in Malaysia, Putrajaya is a modern planned city built to accommodate the political and government facilities for Malaysia. Currently, the primary government offices are located in KL, mostly in leased space. Putrajaya will allow for better inter-office communication and access to the various government agencies, and hopefully alleviate the congestion and overcrowding that is common to KL.

Only about 10 years old, the city is under heavy development. Nonetheless, it is an amazing sight: there are numerous building in place, all with very different architecture; the Ministry of Finance stands in stark comparison to the Moorish Palace of Justice, or the spaceship design of the Putrajaya Convention Centre. There is a substantial amount of housing development as well, as it will be a place for government workers and other citizens alike to call home. It is known as an “Intelligent” city due to the numerous solar powered lighting schemes and computer controlled efficiencies, water conservation and eco-friendly programs wired in from the start.

Spaceship BuildingThere are beautiful parks, a wetlands preserve and a number of great spots for photography. A series of nine bridges cross over the man-made Putrajaya Lake, used for both natural cooling and as a recreation area for locals and tourists. Independence Square is designed to resemble a 5-petaled Hibiscus, the representation of Malaysia used all over the country.

Directly to the West is Cyberjaya, another planned city with high capacity fiber optic connections and housing for the tech sector, It is part of the Multimedia Super Corridor in Malaysia. Housing developments are in the works, although most of the tech workers there are commuters.

On the way to or from Melaka, this is a great stop. It is unusual to see a city that is brand new, much less planned"”right from the start"”to be both beautiful and efficient.

Written by Jesse Siglow