(Beijing, 26 June, 2009) "“ A uniquely decadent and indulgent Emperor-style immersion into Chinese culture and cuisine is being promoted at the “coolest bath house in China” on the outskirts of Beijing. The 'Signature Living Experiences' promise "a world of body, mind and soul, senses and sensuality" at the famed GREEN T. HOUSE Living lifestyle pavilion.

Designed for both couples and groups of up to eight, they range from four hours of pampering to extended overnight stays immersing guests in the balance and harmony of Chinese music and art, pampering and indulgence, ancient Chinese wisdom and contemporary aesthetics.

The promotion is a signature theme of the venue's new Bath House Residence which opened on 31 May 2009.

Inspired by a Tang dynasty emperor's bath house, it sleeps couples in traditional, curtained four-poster "emperor's beds" as well as accommodating small groups for 'high end slumber parties' in loft bedrooms.

Exquisite experiences such as tea ceremonies, bathing rituals, wellness treatments, unique weddings, cultural insights, traditional music, contemporary Chinese art and themed banquets can be customised to individual preferences.

THE BAMBOO LEAVES ARE GREEN four-hour package starts at RMB 2,388 per person and features an invigorating GREEN T. BATH. Booked 24 hours in advance, it also includes a ‘calming session’, steam room scrub, GREEN T. Bath with tea leaves, bamboo leaves and sea salt, palm pressure massage and T. 'Two Hand Massage'. The treatment ends with a facial, head massage, tea tasting and relaxation – with T. snacks and beverages included.

Set lunch or dinner is available for an extra 288RMB, and for the ultimate experience, guests can opt for a ‘Ten Hand Massage', for a total package cost of RMB 6,688 per person.

An extended seven-hour pampering package named LUMINOUS BEAU-T. starts at RMB 4,388 per person. The LUMINOUS BEAU-T. package incorporates a meditation programme, with breathing training and music therapy, along with a ‘Chakra Balance’ retreat. The treatment ends with a facial, head massage, tea tasting and relaxation – with T. snacks and beverages included. Again guests can choose the 'Ten Hand Massage', taking the package price to RMB 8,866 per person.

Overnight stays at the Bath House Residence come complete with private butler and start at RMB 6,000 for two including a maxi-bar, rooftop BBQ and breakfast, along with unlimited use of the GREEN T. Bath, steam room and rooftop Jacuzzi.

Up to eight guests can stay overnight, with each additional guest charged RMB 2,400.

A three day/ two night journey of personal discovery can also be organised at the inspiring retreat.

Again tailored to personal taste, it can typically begin on a Saturday morning to the sound of classical Chinese instrumental music and freshest new season GREEN T., over a light breakfast of fresh local fruit, Chinese breads and wild rice congee – with champagne as an option.

After re-charging in a vast teaspoon-shaped granite GREEN T. infused hot steam bath, rich in anti-oxidants that leaves the body and soul totally revitalised, guests slip into Song dynasty robes and may partake in the ultimate pampering indulgence with either a Chinese inspired massage or wellness ritual of their choice.
Lunch is an opportunity to savour the 'Spring Menu' of GREEN T. HOUSE Living's signature "New China T-cuisine", blending fresh and natural ingredients with time-honored indigenous cooking techniques from across the regions of China.

The first afternoon at the cultural retreat founded by musician, artist, tea-master and trend-setter JinR is spent relaxing in the library, learning about traditional Chinese music and art.

Dinner is accompanied by traditional Chinese opera in the main dining room of the vast 15,000 square metre complex in the high-end Wen Yu River quarter of Beijing, followed by indulgently bathing under the stars in a rooftop hot-spring before retiring to the velvet-curtained 'Emperor-Empress' sleeping quarters.

Guests rise early for morning Qi Kong instruction with resident traditional Chinese medicine specialist Dr Alex Tan, who determines individual treatments to follow the consultation.

Over breakfast, they are introduced to the 'yin and yang' philosophy of Chinese cuisine, before being instructed in the art of making Chinese dumplings for lunch.

A guided tour of historic Beijing in the afternoon includes visits to Hou Hai Lake, the traditional hutong communities and an ancient Ming courtyard house.

Dinner in the city is at the original GREEN T. HOUSE in Gongti, before returning 'home' for a ritual rooftop hot-tub bath, moonlight party and movie screening of Wang Kar Wai's erotic 'In the Mood for Love'.

The final morning starts with customised traditional Chinese massage treatment, followed by a contemporary Chinese brunch.

The afternoon is spent immersing in the traditions of Chinese tea and calligraphy, before the intense cultural experience is completed with a night at the opera at the National Performing Arts Centre.

Overnight rates at the Bath House Residence starting at 6,000RMB for two may be customized to include individual preferences, an array of signature amenities, wellness rituals and cultural activities.

Says JinR: "Our restful and energizing environment, inspired and novel design, unexpected menus and variety of artists all contribute to a sense of freshness, exploration and possibility.GREEN T. HOUSE Living presents an authentic Chinese experience, but in a way that you've never imagined."

GREEN T. HOUSE Living is a unique blend of teahouse, restaurant, gallery, cultural events space and inspiring meeting place, renowned as much for its chic dining as for its cutting-edge music performances, art exhibits, tea presentations and ceremonies, and creative events.

Attracting an eclectic mix of artists, celebrities and prominent local and international guests, it aims to revitalize the senses and sooth spirits, drawing on the traditions of Chinese architecture, history, philosophy and the ‘way of tea’ combined with modern elegance and simplicity.

Guests are also inspired by thought-provoking contemporary Chinese art exhibits, tea ceremonies and musical and artistic performances such as avant-garde improvisation from JinR herself on the Yang Qin.

GREEN T. HOUSE Living essentially blends China's ancient culture and philosophy with millennial appeal and world-class luxury.

GREEN T. HOUSE Living has built on the established success of Beijing's landmark GREEN T. HOUSE, which opened in 1997.

2 Hand Massage "“ RMB 2,388 per person (maximum 8 people)
4 Hand Massage "“ RMB 3,288 per person (maximum 4 people)
8 Hand Massage "“ RMB 5,888 per person (maximum 2 people)
10 Hand Massage "“ RMB 6,688 per person (maximum 1 person)

2 Hand Massage "“ RMB 4,388 per person (maximum 8 people)
4 Hand Massage "“ RMB 5,288 per person (maximum 4 people)
8 Hand Massage "“ RMB 7,888 per person (maximum 2 people)
10 Hand Massage "“ RMB 8,866 per person (maximum 1 person)

Since 1997, through its innovative design, distinctive atmosphere and unique cuisine, GREEN T. HOUSE in Beijing has provided inspiration and beauty to its clientele. It epitomizes the blend of tradition and innovation, brashness and refinement, energy and tranquility that defines New China.

GREEN T. HOUSE is the vision of glamorous musician, tea connoisseur and trend-setter JinR. From its beginnings as an intimate and elegant teahouse, GREEN T. HOUSE has become one of the hottest destinations in Beijing, garnering international recognition for its unique ambience and "T" cuisine.

GREEN T. HOUSE "Living" takes the brand further with a unique and spacious lifestyle destination that includes fine dining, art and a cultural events space as well as The Bath House Residence, a new bath and residence component which takes the GREEN T. HOUSE brand for the first time beyond tea houses and restaurants into the wider arena of spa and hospitality.

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