I decided to blog today right from the beach. So, still waterlogged and inches away from my snorkeling equipment, I sit, feet in the sand, waves crashing right at my feet. I’m in Devil’s Bay today on http://www.sunsail.com/yachts/destinations/caribbean/british_virgin_islands/wickhams_cay. To say it is beautiful is to hardly say anything at all. The water is aquamarine and crystal clear. The rock formations are massive and mysterious. And the snorkeling is impressive even just a few steps into the water.

I spent the morning deep-sea fishing with Speedy's Fishing Charter. We were in some rough waters and the boat bounced and jumped and rocked. One of the guys caught a forty-two-pound wahoo. It was incredible looking, sparkly blue and green. And he was massive, flopping around on deck, challenging the deckhand, who finally wrestled him to the floor.

After returning to the Spanish Town Marinas where we are docked for the night, we had a quick lunch and even quicker rest and then took a short cab ride from here to the baths and the beach. Well worth the $6.00 round trip fare! After climbing over the rocks and through the caves, we made it here to the beach where I now sit, toes in the sand, excited to see what tomorrow will bring.

It was tough to sleep last night in the vee bearth and I am crossing my fingers for a breeze tonight. We motored to Virgin Gorda this morning, making it a non-sailing day. So, I’m excited to get sailing again tomorrow. A pretty remarkable trip so far. Even though we’re only two days in, I'm reminded of how much I love the boating life and how much I miss it from when I was a kid and sailed every summer with my family. And I was shocked to find out today that a trip like this (7 days at sea, a captain, and provisions) starts at about $1,300 a person. Not bad considering all the islands you visit and the fact that your lodging and food are built right into the trip.

More tomorrow. Looking forward to whatever the day might bring and to sharing it with you.

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