Snorkeling and dolphin watching have been around the Quepos & Manuel Antonio area for quite some time, but scuba diving is still relatively in its infancy. Diving in this area can truly be said to be on the cutting edge of adventure for divers looking for something different. How many places in the world can one dive that truly has been unexplored? You can here. We are constantly finding new places to dive, many times with our guests along for the discovery.

In the Quepos and Manuel Antonio area there is a high nutrient content in the water, which brings an unbelievable amount of marine life. Schools of Snapper, Jacks, Grunts and Barracuda cruise by. You can get up close and personal on the reef with Angel Fish, Moorish Idols, Surgeon Fish, Giant Damsel Fish, an array of Puffer Fish, Scrawled File Fish, Octopus, a variety of Eels and Crustaceans. Plus Reef Sharks, Giant Manta Rays, Sting Rays, Sea Turtles, Pan Tropical Dolphins, and (when in season) the majestic Humpback Whale. 

While there is a variety of soft and hard coral formations on the pacific coast, we cannot boast the coral gardens of the Caribbean. However, we do have an amazing underwater environment formed by a history of intense volcanic activity that has formed this area with many boulders and pillars with lots of crevices and canyons to explore. 

Surface water temperatures hover in the mid 80’s that can drop to the low 70’s in deeper waters with little variation throughout the year. For exposure protection we would recommend either a 2 or 3mm wetsuit. Though the visibility does vary, it is normally in the region of 10 "“ 20 meters and sometimes more. 

Come and discover a new underwater world!

Written by Katharine Evans of