Sephira, music from Ireland for the Holidays

Sephira music, music from Ireland,

Christmas with Irish sisters, Sephira

Sephira is a duo consisting of sisters Joyce and Ruth O'Leary and they have released a Christmas album for the ages. The album Starlight by the aforementioned duo showcases their mastery of the violin, their ethereal and angelic vocals, and their penchant for infusing Celtic and classical influence into popular music. Starlight brings a breath of fresh air into the crowded Christmas music arena. The album consists of Christmas classics like Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Silent Night, and Sleigh Ride but also has contemporary crowd pleasers like Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. There is also an original composition by the O'leary sisters called Beneath a Thousand Stars and it flows perfectly with the rest of the album.

Sephira performs Hallelujah

Sephira and Traditional World Music

The two part harmonies on Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas open up the album and it becomes immediately apparent that these young ladies have done their homework. The delivery of both their vocal and violin performances is complimentary to the other. The parts are tight and the counterpoint close together. Still, each part stands out with a separate-from-the-other quality highlighting each performers talent.

There are many standout moments on Starlight but Sephira's rendition of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah is simply breathtaking and cannot go unmentioned. The dynamics of the piece are light and thoughtful in the verses and deep and serene in the chorus. The production of the track consists of a piano and plush strings, which support the vocals perfectly. There have been many renditions of this song and in my opinion this is one of the best.

Sephira at Beyond Celtic performing Misirlou

Joyce and Ruth bring Christmas music with Startlight

Starlight by Sephira is the perfect soundtrack for a quiet Christmas Eve or a joyous Christmas morning. The Celtic flavor mixed with the supreme musical skill of Joyce and Ruth O'Leary make Starlight a must have soundtrack for the holiday season. For more about Sephira,

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