LA Roller Derby Comes to Australia

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Roller Derby Gets Extreme in Sydney Australia

It’s not just Roller Derby, apparently. It’s the world’s first Roller Derby Extreme (RDX) and it’s bringing banked track roller derby back to Australia after 30 years.

It was my first ever roller derby event and it only took me five minutes to become mesmerized. The venue was fully set up for entertainment sport, and I felt like being on set of a super charged boxing match with a touch of night club atmosphere. The MC of the night was Dumptruck, well known roller derby commentator shipped in all the way from the United States to add to the authenticity of the event.

Roller derby isn’t a major sport in Australia yet but with the new rules and track introduced by Roller Derby Extreme, I can see its appeal and potential.

Australia Combat Skating on the Banked Track

It’s not just about pushing people over; the sport is all in the tactics, or as Dumptruck puts it, it’s like “full contact chess.” The track itself is custom made for this tour out of 12 tonnes of reinforced steel. It is no wonder the word ‘extreme’ was used many times throughout the night.

I was witnessing the clash between banked track queens, the LA Derby Dolls, and the New York Gotham Girls, the current world champions of the flat track. The competition was fierce. There were fists, shoulders and legs everywhere and I found myself cheering at every jam break and winching at every fall. It was exciting.

LA Roller Derby has the all the Names

Mind you, I was quite happy being in the audience. There were skaters with names like Fisti Cuff, Suzy Hotrod, Bombshell Betty and Laguna Beyatch, I wouldn’t want to mess with anyone on that track. The teams also picked four Australian skaters to participate on this tour, and I was proud to say that Australians can skate.

LA Roller Derby Coming to Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia, too

Roller Derby fans can still catch the shows in Melbourne (23 Nov) and Brisbane (25 Nov).
Visit Ticketek for details:

Story by Amy Huang
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