Utrecht, Netherlands; Eurail Group G.I.E. has announced that Slovakia will join the Eurail Global Pass on the January 1, 2012.


The national railway of Slovakia will be included in the classic Eurail Global Pass offer, which permits unlimited rail travel throughout a range of validity periods for either continuous travel periods or flexible travel days in 23 countries.  Discounts are offered to groups of two or more and to young people under the age of 26.  Prices start from just 30 Euros a day for a fifteen day Global Saver Pass.


"We are delighted ZSSK (the Slovakian railway) will give Eurail Global Pass holders access to their railway, expanding the passes range to 23 European countries," says Marketing Director, Ana Dias e Seixas.


Slovakia has evolved into a popular European tourist destination and was ranked second among the top adventurous destinations in the world by The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA); in the category of Developing Tourist Destinations, 2010*.


The Slovakian railway covers 3616 kilometers (2247 miles) and is connected with the pan-European railway network of the surrounding countries of Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic.  Traveling with the Eurail Global Pass makes a rail journey through some of continental Europe's most undiscovered countries a tangible reality.  Rail travel offers a relaxing, comfortable and convenient way to enjoy the diverse landscapes, cultures and European sights.


Bratislava is often called the 'Beauty of the Danube' and Slovakia has much to offer ranging from beautiful castles, views of the Tatras mountain range, vineyards, and popular spa & wellness centers.  Europe's rail system is modern and reliable, and cross-border rail connections make traversing across the continent very accessible. The Eurail Global Pass represents 42% of the overall Eurail Pass sales (more than 70,000 travelers used this pass in 2010) and it continues to be a popular rail pass giving travelers endless opportunities to explore Europe by rail.


"With the inclusion of Slovakia into our product range, we hope that Eurail Passes continue to appeal to customers long into the future. It's vital that rail transportation is sustainable in the long term," concludes Marketing Director, Ana Dias e Seixas.