Airline food used to be part of the glamour and experience of air travel. Everyone has historically made fun of airline food: dry, frozen-and-now-McDonalds-hot, cardboard-alicious. Nonetheless, there is someting satifying about getting a Bistro Meal handed to you as you enter, or a small TV-Dinner plate loaded with stuff (including the ever-present dessert). The antipication about what could POSSIBLY be inside that bag or container almost makes up for the poor quality. The decision “chicken or fish?” makes your brain go into a frenzy of questioning: “Airline fish? Can it be any good? But the chicken… it could be really tough and rubbery.”

Lets be honest, getting GOOD food is a pipedream, so either brown-bag it or buy something before you board. I always bring something with me: nuts, a sandwich, maybe a bar or some cookies. that way, if you can’t choke down (or can’t afford) the airline-supplied cornucopia of intestinal distress, at least you have options.

The anticipation of your airline meal"”heck, even the anticipation"”is nothing short of a distraction from the droning, sonorous sounds of air travel: the businessman yacking about a big sale, the kid screaming like he is getting murdered. It is a prelude to the movie, that in most likelyhood, will be only slightly lesser quality than your food… you need all of these distractions. So why are there no meals served any longer (with the acception of Delta)? International food is not bad, and some airlines I ahve flown (such as Cathay Pacific and Turkish Airlines) serve a meal that is pretty tasty.

Chime in & let us know about your experiences with airline food: good or bad.

editor, In the Know Traveler