Honduras was the first place I had visited in a long time where I had done no legwork, no advanced planning on my part. I didn’t pick up a book or ask the advice of friends. Don’t get me wrong, I did have a trip planned out, but I didn’t do all the normal things I would that created preconceived notions. I just got on the plane and landed in San Pedro Sula and just looked at whatever there was to see. Honduras has plenty for the visitor to see. Here are only a small portion of some of my favorite photos from my visit to Honduras. For photography fans, I shot the whole trip in RAW using my Canon XT and Tamron IF 28-300 lens (because I like not have to drag multiple lenses around, although I lose some wide angle). As always, I never find the time to photoshop anything. For non-shutterbugs just take a look and enjoy.

All photos by Devin Galaudet, all rights reserved