January 2006 (Newport Beach, California & Waterbury, Vermont) – Where will you be when the lights go out during the Total Solar Eclipse of 2006? Those with a taste for adventure, a fascination with natural wonder, and an appreciation for authentic culture and extraordinary travel will be deep in Turkey on “Special Solar Eclipse Departures” from Travcoa and Country Walkers, two “best-in-class” travel providers from Grand Expeditions.

Turkey lays right in the path of the Total Solar Eclipse, which is anticipated for March 29, 2006 – weather permitting, of course. As fortuitousness would have it, both Travcoa and Country Walkers will be exploring the country at the same time, granting guests a particularly memorable “highlight” to their otherwise superb itineraries. Speaking of which:

· Travcoa’s “Treasures of Turkey” Special Solar Eclipse Departure: Guests on this 17-day Escorted Journey from the world leader in luxury travel can count on an exceptional view of the Total Solar Eclipse from Antalya, a 2nd-century city on the red cliffs of the Turquoise Coast. And that’s just on Day Five! Elsewhere, spend your days discovering relics, ruins and the roots of modern civilization amidst the mystery of Turkey. Highlights include an intimate cruise to explore the stunning Turkish coast; some of the best-preserved remnants of Greek art and architecture; and the rich history of the Oman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires that have controlled this gateway linking Europe and Asia. Anticipate the most luxurious hotels, finest guides, privileged access and personal service that are part of every Travcoa journey. Travcoa “Treasures of Turkey” Special Solar Eclipse Departure: March 25-April 10, 2006; from $7,595 per person.

· Country Walkers’ “Cappadocia & The Turquoise Coast” Special Solar Eclipse Departure: From otherworldly Cappadocia to the crystal waters of the Turquoise Coast, Turkey is a land of wonders. This 11-day land-and-sea voyage uncovers great monuments of art, cave dwellings, compelling myths, colorful bazaars, spice-laden cuisine and brilliant landscapes. Take in riches galore while walking the timeless land, sailing for six days on an elegant gulet, and indulging in delicacies at a sultan’s table – from roasted leg of lamb to pastries stuffed with the plumpest prunes. The charming Taurus Mountain village of Ardicpinari offers a spectacular backdrop for the Total Solar Eclipse, which you’ll view from an observation platform surrounded by lovely Cedar of Lebanon groves. Afterwards, celebrate with a traditional BBQ lunch. Like every Country Walkers tour, this Special Departure is a feast for the senses mixing active adventure and immersion in sensational destinations under the ready eyes of outstanding local guides. Country Walkers “Cappadocia & The Turquoise Coast” Special Solar Eclipse Departure: March 26-April 5, 2006; $4,148 per person/double.

For more information or to make reservations for the above Special Solar Eclipse Departures, contact Travcoa at (800) 992-2003, www.travcoa.com; or Country Walkers at (800) 464-9255, www.countrywalkers.com.