“Seven Luck Casino” to open (for foreigners) January 27, 2006
Grand Korea Corporation is planning to hold a grand opening ceremony for the “Seven Luck Casino” from January 27th – 30th at the Coex Center in Gang-nam, Seoul.

To kick-off the grand opening ceremony event on January 27th, there will be special musical performances by the popular Korean female group “Jewelry,” and famous Enka singer, Kim Yeon-ja followed by an autographing session. On the following day, another well-known Korean performer, Lee Jung-sik’s Jazz Band, will entertain on stage.

On the final day of the ceremonious events, Kim Deok-soo’s Samulnori, a traditional Korean percussion quartet, is expected elevate the atmosphere, while actress Yang Mi-gyung, who starred in “JEWEL IN THE PALACE,” will be in attendance.

Seven Luck Casino is situated in a favorable location, at the Han-moo Convention Center in Samsung-dong, which is in the heart of Gang-nam, Seoul. Accessibility to the Seven Luck Coex Center is very convenient with many five-star luxury hotels nearby.

Currently, Grand Korea Corporation is planning to open two more casinos by late May 2006 at the Gang-buk Center, inside the Millenium Seoul Hilton Hotel and at the Busan Center, inside the Lotte Hotel Busan.

Open 24 hours a day, the Seven Luck Coex Center will be the nation’s largest scale casino with 220 Machines (103 Slots, 116 Video, 1 Jumbo Machine) and 80 game tables (35 Baccarat,

26 Black Jack, 11 Roulette, 3 Carribean Stud Poker, 2 Poker, 2 Taisai, and 1 Big Wheel).

With the high gradual winning probability of the machines along with the many convenient facilities, the Seven Luck Coex center expects about 280,000 visitors in 2006.

All profits from the casino will be used to develop infrastructure of the culture and tourism industry, as well as for community development. “Seven Luck” is the brand identity of Grand Korea Corporation, which is a subsidiary company of Korea Tourism Organization.

For more information, please contact your local KTO Representative at 1-800-TOUR-KOR(EA) or e-mail dianora@kntoamerica.com.

Over 6 million Worldwide Visitors to Korea in 2005!
In keeping with the upward trend in visitation to Korea, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has announced that worldwide visitation to Korea reached 6,021,764 passengers, which reflects an increase of 3.5% from the year before.

Our Los Angeles office has been flooded with inquires from the media and from the public at large. They want to know more about Korea and how they can get there. Younger American audiences like their counterparts in Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, are now finding themselves seeking the latest pop culture from Korea.

The upward trend of travel to Korea as well as the growing awareness and appreciation of Korean food and pop culture, also known as Hallyu, will continue its dramatic rise. This is definitely the time to visit Korea!

For more information about Korea, be sure to visit our website at www.tour2korea.com.

10th Jeongwol Daeborum Fire Festival
The 10th Annual Fire Festival will take place from February 9 – 11, 2006 in Saebyeol oreum, Bongseong-ri, Aewol-eup, located in the Bukejeju-gun area of Jeju Island, with an absolutely splendid opening ceremony. The Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival has been held annually since 1997. With the 2006 10th Annual Festival, the event promises to be the best representation festival of the international free city of Jeju.

This festival originates from the traditional harvesting of the grasses found in the local domestic farm animal pastures, which were annually set in fire each winter by the villagers as a way to exterminate harmful insects. This festival reveals Jeju Island ‘s unique traditions, while allowing for modern commercial sighting.

The Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival can best be symbolized by imagining spouting lava as it shoots over the crest of a volcano. Such characteristics associated with a volcano can be found in the 2006 festival, bringing together such traditional folk resources as fire, horses, the moon, and mountain peaks. Citizens of Laizhou City , in China , and the city of Santa Rosa , in the United States , will also hold special performances, further promoting the sister-city ties which they have with the Bukjeju-gun. A photography interchange exhibition will also be co-hosted by the Korean Photographer’s Association, Jeju Branch, and the Chinese Photographer’s Association, further boosting the mood of the festival.

Title : 2006 Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival
Theme:”Peace and Good Harvest”, “Harmony between Human and Nature”
Period : February 9, 2006 ~ February 11, 2006
Location: Ewol-up Bongsung-ri Seo-bu Gwangwang (Sae-byul O-rum area), Jeju Island
Expected number of people : 150,000 (Domestic/Foreign Tourists, from cooperating cities, organizations, institutions, students, etc.)
Managed by: Buk-Jeju-gun (North Jeju administration)
Sponsored by: Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Jeju Island, Korea Tourist Service, Jeju Tourism Associations, Nong-hyup North Jeju Branch