The As an expatriate living and working in Thailand, there are a number of advantages that we have as golfers over someone visiting from outside the country.In this article I would like to share some of these insider golf playing ‘secrets’.

Obviously, both as a frequent golfer, and by socializing regularly with fellow golfers, you soon learn the ‘secrets’ of many aspects of better golf in Thailand. This could be simple things as which golf courses are the best values for money, and which are most convenient and enjoyable to play.

For example, some courses may be particularly busy during certain periods; others may be a bit quieter. Some courses are renowned for having excellent caddies; others may have issues with the management of the course, which can inevitably lead to many problems. All of these factors are important to both expatriates living in Thailand who wants to enjoy their golf, and to the visiting tourist who wants value for money during their Thailand golf holiday.

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