I grew up about an hour and a half from Mexico’s border…and the border town of Tijuana.  Yes, I made desultory visits to this town when underage to, um, check out the local artisan crafts.  But the point being that I arrived speaking a Mexican Spanish with a Gringo (or Yankee as they say down here) twist.  I pronounced the double “L’s” like a “Y” sound in English (example: Calle = Kah-Yay).  This, and other Mexican-isms have started to mold into the Uruguayan ways.

Down here, and in Argentina, at times the people sound  more Italian than Spanish.  It’s definitely a more dramatic, flavorful way to speak.  I am not saying that it is better, just different.  It’s another variation such as Spain’s lisp, Colombia’s twang, and Chile’s confusing speed and shortening of words among others.

But now I am speaking with the local tongue, and my double “L’s” sound like “Jah” instead of the Mexican style.  I enjoy hearing this accent, and I enjoy speaking it even more.  I feel like I am speaking French and Portuguese along with Spanish.  Or maybe this is just in my head.  But day by day, conversation by conversation, it’s changing.  Here’s to fluency…some day.