Having arrived to Antanarivo late at night, I figured it was useless to go find a place to spend the night only to get up at the break of dawn to pile up into a dusty taxi-brousse and drive endlessly to our first destination. Instead, I’ve decided to sleep in the airport terminal, but not before getting online and finding out my credit card had been charged for a flight to India I never took.

“Hello, American Express? I have a fraudulent charge on my card… Yes, cancel it… I am in MadagascarMadagascar… Ma-da-gas-car… Like in the cartoon… It’s a country… Yes, really! Yes, it’s a real country! I swear! Do you have a world map?… In Africa… Ok, ok, I’ll be in Johannesburg in a month, so you can send it to me there… Johannesburg? It’s in South Africa… No, South Africa is a country too… No, Africa is not a country, it is a continent…”

Madagascar – the stuff of fairy tales for sure. A fantasy few dare to imagine, let alone consider as actuality.

Born in Ukraine, raised in Israel, and acquiring her higher education in the US, Sarit Reizin is proud to call herself a citizen of the world. However, to stay worthy of the title, she felt a nomadic lifestyle was in order, and in November 2005 left the comforts of the first world with no desire of coming back any time soon. http://HopStopTravel.com