So now I have actually had the chance to travel with the iPhone, and I have discovered several features that make it great not only for the traveler bit also for the travel writer. The iPhone has a 2.0 mega-pixel camera. Does it compare to my Nikon FM2N with my fast prime lenses and Fuji Velvia film? Not even close, does it compare to your run of the mill consumer digital camera? Sure, as long as you don’t plan on blowing it up and hanging it on your wall it does a great job at simple snapshots.

Another neat feature is the ability to forward pictures directly from the camera via email. Instant digital postcards. Pretty cool.

The keyboard is also pretty handy. This is the third blog in a row I’ve written on the iPhone. Sure, I could type much faster on a keyboard, but there is something to be said for writing on location. I wrote one blog at a concert at the Hollywood Bowl and another in my tent while camping in Big Sur over the weekend. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from me later when I discover even more cool travel tricks with the iPhone.

Written and photographed by Jason Fitzpatrick

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